Philips Allura FD10 Floor Mounted

Philips Allura FD10 Floor Mounted

Product Code: 2514
Manufacturer: Philips
Year of Manufacture: 2008
Status: Available

2008 Philips Allura Xper FD10 R3

System Type: Cardiac Catherization

Generator Model: Velera; MA: 1250; kVp: 150

C-Arm: Poly-G

C-Arm Type:Floor mounted

Table Type: Floor Mounted , Angio Diagnost 7

Image Chain Model:

FD Size of Image detector 10 inches Pixium 4800

Detector manufactured 2008

X-Ray Tube Model: MRC 200, 0508 1003

X-Ray Tube 2008

Number of Monitors: 6

Physiological monitoring system included.

Leaded screen for protection of operator and or light mounted in ceiling.

Leaded apron at table side. Set of manuals and software.